Fall Ball Registration

Fall/Winter Registration Instructions

Central California ASA offers programs for teams to continue playing after the championship season is over. These programs are no longer classified as A, B or C, but are classified as Open.  Open means that any player can play on any team regardless of the teams stated classification.  Participating on one of these teams will not affect a players eligibility for the following championship season.

We do need to make sure that all players are officially registered ASA and that all coaches are registered and background checked.  Any player or coach registered in the current year retains their eligibility through the end of the year.  New players and coaches must follow the proper procedures to obtain registration.

Teams need to complete the Fall registration forms (click HERE) and annotate which players are not registered by completing page 2 of the form.  Once the form is complete, the coach/manager must complete page 1 of the same form and then follow the instructions at the bottom to complete the process.

Coaches need to be registered through RegisterASA.com.  Registration can be completed through your rec league or your ‘A’ travel team depending on which situation is correct for you.

Question regarding Fall/Winter registration should be directed to Jessica Ralls